The Deck You Want: Two Issues To Consider

Whether you want a deck for the backyard pool or just a deck outside the back door to give yourself a place to sit in the summer, it may seem like a difficult undertaking. However, with the right priorities and directions, you can work with a contract to have the structure made. These two considerations should keep you focused on deck-related issues that will make the building of the structure a breeze.

1. Look at Zoning

You may have a very specific picture in your thoughts when you think of what the deck will look like. However, the vision you have and what the town will allow may not be exactly the same. 

Like all cities and towns, your own township has zoning ordinances in place. The guidelines are there to protect everyone in the community and ensure that the neighborhoods all look a certain way without causing trouble for neighbors and others. Your residential zone is likely to have specific deck rules about size, location and other things. If you choose to simply ignore what the zoning recommends, you are setting yourself up for a long financial and possibly legal problem with your township. Fines will almost certainly be given.

The easier path is to read the relevant guidelines before you crystallize a picture of the deck in your head. Once you know what's permissible, you can then let your imagination run freely.

2. Consider Materials

It seems likely your budget will determine your materials. However, before starting, think carefully about both maintenance and appearance when considering materials, not just cost. A cheap selection may cost you more over time than a single project purchase to erect a solid deck from the finest materials.

Of course, decisions must be made regarding vinyl, wood or other building materials. Although beautiful, wood decks need regular care. Termites could eat away at portions of the deck without your knowledge. Sun rays can cause warping along the top layer of the deck. Water damage can make certain places on the deck soft and need to be replaced before it gives way. If selecting wood, ensure you also select chemical treatments and have a plan for care.

Vinyl could be a more appropriate choice. It can look like natural wood if you so choose, while being durable and requiring less maintenance throughout the years.

Your custom deck will look great and be a source of pride and relaxation if you think of these two issues. Your contractor will provide more details to think about and guide your decisions until the deck is finally built