Want To Make Your Driveway A More Secure Place For Vehicles? Build A Permanent Carport

If you have a one-car garage, you may be constantly juggling between which car to keep in the garage. When your property does not have a garage at all, you are stuck with parking in the driveway. A driveway is good for keeping it off the streets, which will minimize the chance of it getting struck by a vehicle. It can also make it less of a target for a break-in because it is actually on your property. But, if you want to maximize protection for cars in the driveway, you should consider installing a permanent carport.

Keep Paint Oxidation from Occurring

Car paint does not last forever, but trying to sell a vehicle with worn down paint can prove challenging. Not only will it prevent people from being truly impressed with the car, but it will reduce its value. When you let your cars sit out in the sun, the paint is going to oxidize and it will look quite rough. Adding a carport that covers most or all of the driveway will give you plenty of space to protect your vehicles. At the low end, repainting a vehicle can run you anywhere from $300 to $900. So, the idea of investing at least $1,000 into a permanent carport may look a lot better when you consider possible painting costs.

Protection from Tree Droppings

Seeds, fruits, pinecones, leaves, and branches are a few things that you can expect to drop from trees. Most of these things will not cause damage if they were to hit your vehicle on the way down to the ground, but the most reliable solution is to prevent any droppings from possibly causing damage. A heavy branch can easily scratch a vehicle, damage the paint, or even create minor dents. The addition of a carport will keep the trees around your driveway from being able to leave droppings on your vehicle.

Minimize Wind Debris

If you live in an area that gets fairly windy, you may want to add some protection to the carport sides. You can add wooden or metal slats to let natural light flow through or you can get solid construction. Either way, this will reduce the chance of debris that gets picked up in the wind to collide with your cars. It should make your vehicles easier to clean and it will help you avoid noticeable damage during heavy winds.

Adding a carport is a smart way to protect your vehicles without costing a lot of money. For more information, contact companies like Bohnstedt Construction.