Summer Cooling Costs Too High? Learn How To Reduce Them

Your home's energy bills can easily skyrocket with the commercial air conditioning being on constantly. Thankfully, there are ways to cut down on how much you use your air conditioner, which will result in savings on your energy bills each and every month. Try these two tips and see what a difference they can make for your home.

Create Shade

The biggest culprits of having a hot home in the summer are your windows, which let the solar heat in and keep everything warm. By reducing heat gain, you'll be able to reduce the temperature inside your home, which reduces the use of your air conditioner.

One way to do this is by planting some trees along the side of your house. Trees on the south side will block the sun at high noon, and trees on your home's west side will block evening sun. Adding shade will reduce the surface temperature of your house from anywhere between 14-35 degrees. This will help it stay cool inside by causing less heat to transfer in. Trees also release moisture into the air that helps cool the air around your home through a process called evapotranspiration.

Another way to create shade is by installing window treatments that can reduce solar heat gain. Drapes and interior blinds that are designed to block the sun can keep your house cool during the day when you are at work. Open your shade late in the evening to let in natural light when you are home, and you're air conditioning won't have to work as hard to cool down an already hot home.

Install A House Fan

An HVAC contractor can help you by installing a fan that circulates air through your entire home. A hole is made in the ceiling of your highest floor with ductwork leading out through your roof. A fan is installed that sucks in air through the windows, passes it through your house, and out through the roof. It can cool down a hot house in minutes when used in the evening when the temperatures start to fall. The fan uses less electricity than an air conditioner.

While a hot home can be very uncomfortable doing the day, these cost-effective methods of cooling can cause you to be less dependent on your air conditioner during the summer. If you need help making any of these changes, contact a local professional in your area that can help.