Designer Concrete Flooring Projects To Update Your Home

Concrete has been used by home designers for several years. It is a flexible material that can be poured, molded, sculpted, dyed and polished to create a number of different looks in your home. Here are some flooring ideas to get you started thinking about how you can use concrete to update the look in your home.

Dining Room

Create an elegant floor in this space that is durable and easy to maintain. Working with a local concrete services company, you can mix concrete with dyes and resins to get the colorful veined look of marble. Apply a clear resin on top and polish to a high gloss. The result will look like a solid slab of marble was custom cut to the shape of your floor.


Choose a color that matches your kitchen cabinets and pour the solid floor. Use a stamp to create a tile design and a darker stain on the lines dividing the "tiles" to make them look like colored grout. Then use a stencil and dye on selected "tiles" to create a contrasting pattern on your kitchen floor. Apply a clear resin and polish the floor to a gloss or leave the floor with a matte appearance.


Pour a white concrete floor in this room to give it a clean, fresh look. Stamp the concrete to look like small square or diagonal tiles. Small stamps shaped like seashells and other aquatic features dipped into a dark dye will create accents on the floor. You can create a form in which you'll create a row of these "tiles" to match the floor that can be mounted behind the vanity, sink or tub.


Stretch your imagination here by using concrete to create a 3-dimensional look to the flooring. Pour the floor and stain it the desired color. Select small objects to place in the concrete floor in a random or set pattern. Small stones, crystals, shells, coins and even small toys such as Lego blocks will make an interesting floor. Pour a clear resin over the floor and smooth and polish to a glass-like finish. The items will appear to float in the resin as people walk across the floor.

Decks and Patios

Concrete can be dyed and stamped to look like your favorite wood planks for decking and patios. Stamps are used to create the patterns typical in wood. Your decks and patios will have the look of real wood but they won't dry out, rot or fade in the sun.

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