Home Additions: Do You Need An Architect?

It is not uncommon for families to outgrow the amount of space available in their homes. Rather than looking to invest in a new property, some families choose to complete a home renovation to create more space. An addition can give you the extra square footage that you need, but you must engage in the process with caution. The help of an architect could prove invaluable when it comes to the quality and function of your new space.

Consider the benefits that you will enjoy when you opt to work with an architect as you expand your home in the future.

Improved Flow

Many homeowners make the mistake of simply adding a box to the back of their home when investing in a home addition. While a square room can resolve your need for additional space, these types of renovations leave a lot to be desired.

An architect will be able to examine the existing structure of your home. Instead of a square box, an architect can recommend a design for an addition that will ensure the older section of your home flows nicely into the new addition. Improved flow can make your home addition more functional over time.

Structural Stability

Adding space to your home can significantly alter the existing structure of your property. You don't want your addition to weaken the structural stability of your home. Architects are trained to identify structural soundness.

Hiring an architect to oversee your home addition will ensure that your residence remains stable throughout the construction process. The building envelope of your home will be kept intact, reducing the potential for leaks, settling, and other problems to occur in the future.

Exterior Aesthetics

Most homeowners know that curb appeal can have a significant effect on the overall value of a property. Whenever you add space to your home through an addition, you are altering the appearance of your home's exterior. You want to ensure that your addition doesn't detract from the beauty of your home.

An architect will be able to create a building blueprint that blends the exterior of your addition with the existing design of your home. It's difficult to identify a home addition from the exterior of a property when homeowners rely on the help of an architect during the planning and design phases of construction. If you are considering an addition to give your home more space, be sure to consult with a licensed architect. These professionals can help you maximize the function, stability, and design of your new space.

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